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Committed to excellence

Throughout our whole existence, we've been committed to keeping it up and continue to be the one of the significant service provider in the fire protection and e-security industry. Since years, we've been designing, installing and commissioning fire protection systems and maintaining them for our clients in a cost-effective way without compromising on quality and sustainability.

Real Teamwork

Everything we do, we do as a team! For us inter personnel co-ordination and human relations are of prime importance. We work efficiently and safely to produce the quality output and aim for total customer satisfaction. We train and retrain ourselves to keep abreast with latest in trends and technologies in the fire protection industry to keep our clients safe.

Fair Price Policy

We at Flameenders have always stood by the principle, that all of our products/services must meet a common sense test for its pricing. Our pricing policy is very competitive and our products/ service are perceived as having optimum value for money by our clients. If a comparison is drawn between us and the competition, our affordability axiom always rings true!

Scope of fire protection systems/installation at Flameenders

"At Flameenders our services encompass a wide range of fire protection/ suppression installations such as:

Automatic Sprinkler and drenching systems Fire extinguishers Water Reservoirs, pumps and pipelines Hydrants and hose reels Gas suppression and deluge systems Thermal and smoke detection systems Emergency Warning and Intercommunications Systems (EWIS) Emergency and exit lights Alarm and evacuation systems Aspiration equipment Hand held portable fire extinguishers equipment Fire doors and passive systems Emergency management training System Audits and Annual Safety Survey and Certification (AESMR)

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